Streaming API

Regional Streaming API

The Regional Streaming API aims at providing a single streaming API that covers multiple exchanges and seamless integration with regional client usage with various connectivity options.

Ease of integration

The Multi-Site support allows the same streaming API to be used across regional implementations. It reduces the complexity to set up the streaming platform per region. The API is suitable for both client-to-server or server-to-server scenarios. It allows seamless deployment in client environments.

Support Large number of streaming instruments

The Regional Streaming API supports up to 100k instruments streaming at the same time with each single connection up to 15,000 instruments.

Wide coverage on data to be streamed

Global major exchanges are supported in the Regional Streaming API, covering exchanges in Asia Pacific, Europe and Americas. The API also supports both Lv1 and Lv2 data to provide in-depth market insights to investors.

Flexible connectivity options

The Regional Streaming API supports multiple connectivity options, ranging from connection over public internet, private leased line or direct cloud connectivity.

Make use of websocket protocol

To enable the cloud delivery over the internet, TCP based websocket protocol is used in the Regional Streaming API. WebSockets are easy to use, and being an internet standard have the support built into the networking components and programming libraries. Client does not have to deal with any complex network configuration changes, when using the API.