Stock Screener

Simple Filters

Filter thousands of stocks quickly to reduce your choices. Select by country, stock exchange, sector or market cap. Or just want to see all stocks in the S&P500? You can filter by index constituents as well to make your search manageable.

Detailed Criteria

Choose from over 130 criteria covering both technical and fundamental data fields as well as events, scores and other trade ideas. Combining criteria and setting parameters allows you to create any number of strategies.

Immediate Feedback

Search results are returned as you adjust the parameters of each criteria giving you immediate feedback on whether your parameters need to be wider or narrower.

Predefined and Saved Strategies

Clients can create and save predefined strategies (presets) making them available to all their users through the screener admin tool. Predefined strategies allow clients to create screeners that can help their novice users who may not know where to start. They can simply click on the preset to find stocks. Users can also create and save their own strategies as they gain more experience.