Smart Watchlist

Make Your Watchlist Useful, Finally!

Now your watchlist isn’t just a list of your favorite stocks that you forgot about. With Smart Watchlist, stocks you add will automatically display signals and events you set for the entire list. No need to click through checking each stock day after day.

Monitoring Your List

Easily see how many stocks in your watchlist are up, down or unchanged for the day. For each stock, information such as “Days to the Next Earnings Announcement” and triggered trade signals or events appear as badges along with the latest stock price and change. Click on a badge to see the details.

Set Notifications for Your Smart Watchlist

Tired of setting alerts for individual stocks one by one? In the Smart Watchlist settings just toggle a preset and it’ll enable it for the entire list and display as a badge when triggered. Still want to set an individual price alert? You can do that as well from the settings.